Mobile Application

New mobile audio application: “Creative Thoughts"

Discover now my mobile application designed to help you optimize your life in all areas.

With this mobile application, unleash your life potential to optimize your reality. Whether to improve your professional life, gain self-confidence, integrate recognition and/or self-esteem, improve family and social relationships and other areas.

This AUDIO application can be used by the whole family, from parents and grandparents to teenagers and toddlers. There's no need to look at the screen, just listen to the sessions pre-recorded for you in a professional studio.

The application is local, so it doesn't need a wifi connection, making it easy to use on the move in planes, trains and cars.

It's a one-off purchase for life, for less than 10 euros without a wifi connection. If you'd like to find out more, you can watch a video on my youtube channel Myriam Fassio.

Discover “Creative Thoughts” for iPhone or iPad on Apple store or for Android on Google Play