Quantum transfer

Who am I?

My name is Myriam Fassio, I have ASD which gives me certain abilities that others don't have; I've always put my autistic particularities at the service of my work and research. I am a psychoanalyst, child psychoanalyst and designer of innovative therapeutic tools including Quantum Transference, PLER and the STVR tool.

Just as you regularly update your computer or cell phone, I update your unconscious system. The idea is to deactivate or erase files and programs that no longer serve you or are causing complicated or repeated situations in your reality.

For ten years I directed a Freudian Institute of Psychoanalysis and worked at the CHU Lapeyronie in the rheumatology department in Montpellier.

I spend most of my time trying to understand, explain and find solutions to improve the human condition on an individual level.

Welcome to my avant-garde world!

Quantum Transfer ® is Quantum Therapy using an interface to transfer the patient's frequency field.

I discovered it in 2012 and have been improving it ever since, in response to requests and therapeutic experiences.

Transference consists in connecting to the patient “s unconscious to read the programming managed by our emotions. This access enables us to go beyond the interpretation of a problem and find its origin. The source of conflicts is mostly to be found in transgenerational heritages. It can also come from a first name we carry from an ancestor, or from an experience.

This work covers gestation, early childhood, adolescence and adult life. It covers all areas, whether emotional, professional or financial. Conflicts in intra-family relationships are a recurring theme.

The unconscious is managed by an intelligent algorithm that proposes two default answers: the opposite or the same thing.

When it malfunctions and proposes default responses that are problematic, even if this appears as a solution in the unconscious, it is sometimes necessary to update the system to provoke a “quantum leap”, which means changing values in order to make a change of state; in this way, the default response will be more adapted to the patient's comfort of life.

Sessions are open to everyone from 0 to 99, for all life's problems, whatever they may be.

The subjects most frequently dealt with are :

  • unexplained anxiety
  • difficulties in stabilizing an emotional life
  • money problems
  • lost twin syndrome
  • depression
  • eating disorders
  • enuresis
  • phobias
  • fear of driving
  • professional failure
  • bankruptcies
  • sleep disorders
  • low self-esteem
  • lack of self-confidence


Each emotion has a different frequency. They make us who we are and structure our relationships, our choices, our activities and constantly inform the environment, including everyone who crosses our path.

This is called : Frequency field.
our cells emit light, a biological light called “biophoton” (modern inventor of biophotons: biophysicist Roeland Van Wijk).

We're connected to each other like hard disks, super-powered databases that evaluate and analyze programs and retain only what resonates.

This field causes great vibratory activity, interacting with the physical body and the psyche (conscious and unconscious). This field is undulatory.
It contains all the body's cellular and metabolic memory information, from the beginning of its existence to the present day; we can, of course, include womb life as well as lineage inheritance.

The first names we bear from our grandparents, godparents, godmothers etc... are carriers of a field that also nourishes our own and can greatly influence our destiny.

A person's symptoms tell us the nature of the problem's origin.

A reading grid gradually takes shape, and it becomes possible to read the unconscious like a book.

It's an exciting tool, using new science; thanks to quantum mechanics, it's now possible to explain the interconnection of the unconscious via the entanglement of fields.

The corpuscular aspect localized in a subject's body (conscious localized in the body) and the undulatory aspect (unconscious), speak to us of quantum states to which psychic energies outside time and space are associated.
the unconscious is brought to light, revealing the secrets of repressed elements; the paths it takes in its symbolism are as fascinating as they are terrifying.

A repositioning of the unconscious is needed to put the subject back into its own energy, far from the anxiety-provoking or even pathogenic entanglements in what I call “the path of life”: the life in which each of us should be, the one in which we feel we belong.

This could be likened to updating the unconscious, like updating a hard disk, or formatting or defragmenting.

The possible goals for the patient are unlimited.

For babies and children, parents receive the session on their behalf. Live sessions are open to everyone aged 16 and over.

And everything that contributes to making us who we are in our Western world and, in the end, simply being on our own path, the one that puts us where we need to be.

The aim here is to continue the work of the pioneers of psychoanalysis, with a broader vision and a more holistic approach to patient care, admittedly a little more futuristic, using quantum knowledge and its fields of application, which are only at the dawn of what they have in store for us.

The most frequent sessions concern

Often related :

  • twin syndrome lost in utero or afterwards
  • unloving, narcissistic, perverse, ill, depressive or absent mother
  • non-existent, abusive father
  • lack of self-esteem
  • fear of commitment after betrayal
  • use of a first name, in addition to the usual one, of a character who has had serious relationship problems
  • poor image of men and women initiated by parents (educators)
  • poor image of the parental couple, divorce difficult or not
  • guilt linked to various reasons, sick brother or sister, strict, authoritarian, demanding parents etc...
  • the guilt of being born, of existing, of being loved
  • and many other cases
It is then possible to understand why it is impossible to meet the right person.

Often related :

  • au père «indépassable » dans le clan d’origine
  • aux prénoms portés
  • à la place occupée dans la fratrie
  • la situation financière des parents(répétition par loyauté)
  • l’incapacité à réussir par loyauté
  • la culpabilité
  • au père dévalorisant
  • aux parents n’ayant pas fait d’études
Dans la plupart des cas, il s’agit de problèmes de loyauté de l’enfant ; la loyauté est un vrai problème limitant choisi par l’enfant lui même, bien plus compliqué à lever que l’emprise qui elle, est subie.

Souvent liée à :

  • l’absence de crise d’adolescence, la non-émancipation des parents qui laisse le sujet dans un état infantile, avec des choix de couple inadaptés et des choix de métier étayés sur ceux des parents
  • La loyauté exacerbés envers les parents
  • L’interdiction des parents de devenir un adulte face à eux
  • Etc…
« Si l’on est pas bien dans sa peau, c’est que l’on est pas dans la sienne »

“The absence of transcendence condemns man to the perpetuity of repetition”. Schopenhauer