Training in Family Constellations

Family constellations training: this training is exclusively reserved for therapists. I propose to teach you how to lead a family constellations workshop according to my theories linked to the discoveries made when accessing the unconscious.

My theories are based above all on wisdom.

Systemic constellations, as I facilitate them, lead to the understanding and resolution of conflicts.

This training consists of workshops based on the theory of Quantum Transfer and numerous practical exercises.

To be an effective facilitator, this tool requires a great deal of responsibility and an extraordinary capacity for analysis. You need to master the concepts of psychology structures, to be able to deal with potential decompensation. This is by no means a game.

Psychogenealogy - Transgenerational analysis

And if we listened to our ancestors, they might have something to tell us. I suggest you discover what you inherited from your ancestors that explains your difficulties in all areas of your life.

What remains unresolved is inscribed in the DNA and becomes pathology and/or destiny for the descendants.

This sentence is terrifying, yet it's the key to changing our trajectory and returning to the one you've chosen for yourself.

In this workshop, you'll learn how to decipher your family history in order to unearth events that will explain why your path is obstructed, so that you can take effective action to heal yourself and free your ancestors in order to realize your full potential.

Next date : one weekend

Biological decoding

Come and experience an exceptional day to discover, understand and experiment how an event felt as stressful, with no solution, will impact a part of our biology and create dysfunctions, illnesses, etc.

Next date : one weekend

Pler Mo Eye movements

PLER: Process of Releasing Repressed Emotions, is a tool I developed in 2012. This technique takes up the eye movements we naturally make every night as we sleep, which indicate that your psyche is in the process of classifying the events of the previous day. If an event is too emotionally charged with negativity, it won't be filed in the preconscious mind and will be waiting to be filed, which will produce a symptom.

The idea is to use the natural information processing model as a tool. During the PLER sessions, I'll teach you how to release information from the unconscious to identify and deactivate all the emotions attached to it.

Eye movement and taping are used when the patient is emotionally overwhelmed. The PLER technique aims to make the unconscious mind believe that the patient accepts the traumatic event, thus lifting the censor. The source information then becomes accessible, and is immediately deactivated through verbal repetition.

It's a powerful, revolutionary tool that involves mastering decompensation.

Training is exclusively reserved for practicing therapists.

Workshop schedule (over 3 weekends) :

  • Presentation of the Pler-Mo® tool, brain mechanics and information, and practical exercises
  • Programming and deprogramming and practical exercises
  • Fundamental injuries and practical exercises
  • Transposé familia” and practical exercises
  • Grief and sexual abuse and practical exercises
  • Creative thinking and hands-on workshops

Upcoming dates : 3 weekend

TRANSFERT QUANTIQUE ® Practitioner Training

Quantum Transfer ® is Quantum Therapy using an interface to transfer the patient's frequency field.

Quantum transference is a method derived, as its name suggests, from quantum mechanics. The body discontinuously emits subtle frequencies that emanate from our emotions. This tool enables us to connect to the unconscious, to visually discover the programming of information, the individual's point of view, and to update the unconscious system as we would a computer. It's effective and revolutionary. Invented in 2012, I continue to evolve it over time.

Next date : 6 weekends from October to June - therapists only

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